Thursday, November 6, 2014

Harrison 17 Months

Harrison oh Harrison, are there any words to describe you?  You are busy and funny and full of energy.  You are into everything, trying to talk more, and are very frustrated when you can't communicate what you want or when you don't get what you want. You love you dance.  When music comes on you start breaking it down and it is hilarious. You love to read, to play outside (especially with your beep beep- cozy coup), draw with crayons, read books, and pretend to cook on your grill.  Some of your current favorite books are Brown Bear Brown Bear, Moo Baa La La La, and Trucks. When I am reading to James you will swat away his book and shove your way into my lap to try to get me to read your story. You also love cars, trucks, and trains (choo choos as you call them).  You love James and he also drives you crazy.  You are very good at swatting him away.  Recently you have learned to say his name. "Dames" is what you call him.  When you miss him you call "Dames Dames" all over the house until you find him. They said you were asking for him at preschool.  Harrison you are the youngest child in the whole preschool but you seem to enjoy it.  Your teachers gave you the nickname "chubby bubby" and EVERYONE calls you that. Even the little kids in your class call you chubby bubby! We still call you Harrison, H, and Hutchy. I'm slightly embarrassed to write that you love Bubble Guppies. Your brother had never even watched tv at this age whereas you stand in front of it and say "bubble bubble" over and over. I guess that's one of the perks of being the younger brother.

Every day you say more words and I can't even begin to name all of the ones you know.  You will attempt to say most anything. Two of those in recent memory is when you said trick or treat on Halloween and when you said Georgia the day we met her.

You are still an early riser and get us going bright and early each day.  We switched you to one nap when you started school and while the transition was painful you now seem to handle it well and sleep anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours (except for those really rough days where it's a 30 minute nap day) Normally we pick up James from school and then you both have rest time right after lunch.

You hate getting dressed (because you are such a wiggle worm), you hate being away from your Mama, and we are going on 18 months of hating the car seat. Sweet child- you have been in that thing every day of your life. It is time to get over it because we are tired of the crying in the car! :)

Harrison your dad and I think you are going to give us a run for our money. Here is an example. The other day you climbed up on the chair. I said, "Harrison sit down. Sit down!" You slowly stood up, looked at me, started dancing, and just died laughing that you were doing the opposite of what I told you!

Have you ever seen a child love lemons so much? 

Listening to James read a story

When H got in this car he looked at me and said, "bye!" Gave me a vision of 12 years down the road when James has his license! 

When you get up before 5...

This is what happens!
For the record I know that Harrison is WAY too big and old to be in that thing but it is the only way I can run get dressed in the morning real fast and know he is safe. 

Still eats inedible things

Why eat blueberries out of the bowl when it's so much more fun to pour them on the ground and then eat them?

Sure, it's cool to sit inside the entertainment center 

We have officially started throwing tantrums 

Go Pirates! 

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