Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Misc

It has been a fun and busy month! I cannot believe how fast the days are going.  Here are some of our memories from this month. 

Operation Christmas Child! One of our favorite yearly traditions

A game of tag in the backyard.  James kept saying, "Come get me Harrison!" 

We finally got a bed!

I love my husband. We got dressed up to go on a date at the beach and ended up at El's Drive In. For the record it was delicious and one of our favorite dates of the year. 

Decorating with bath tub paint 

We love being able to walk to the park

James' creation 

James was pushing Harrison so fast that we made him put his helmet on

Playing cards with Granny Baker 

Bundling up for a cold walk 

Everyone is happier when Daddy is home 

Snuggling with sweet Georgia 

Go Pirates! 

James and I have been working on our selfies 

Early mornings are always a little better with matching pajamas 

Friday, November 28, 2014


Ryan and I were super excited to get to host Thanksgiving this year in our new house. Unfortunately our dining room is still completely empty, but we managed to make it work.  

Cooking normally doesn't stress me out but I will say I was stressed about this turkey.  I hate raw meat. I'm paranoid about spreading bacteria. I probably washed my hands 15 times and went through an entire roll of paper towels. I Lysoled (is that a verb?) the entire kitchen after. I even made Ryan get a brand new meat thermometer to make sure we cooked it all the way.  Well, it ended up not being that difficult but the gross factor was definitely there. Next year I will be happy to make a turkey breast in the crock pot and leave digging out the neck and giblets to someone else. 

Thankfully everyone else helped me made the sides and desserts and as I was going through my pictures I can't believe I didn't get a picture of all that yummy food!!!

I tried to get the boys to watch the Thanksgiving day parade. That lasted about 5 minutes. 

I love how Harrison is looking at James here. 

We did a little interactive writing project throughout the month. James loved it!

Ready to put that thing in the oven

James was so excited to have his family here 
Georgia had her own little turkey hat

Watching a little football
Greer got the job of carving the turkey

After we ate we basically just had to take turns loving on Georgia. Is she adorable or what? 

Harrison was not so sure about his Nene holding another baby
The new parents! They look so relaxed and rested. I don't think I ever looked that way with a one month old. 

James asked me if he could hold Georgia. When he got her he started kissing her over and over and cuddling her. It was precious! 

 Sweet Harrison tried to grab her 

Nana got some practice for next May. Can't wait for Whitney and Rod's baby to arrive!
 We took advantage of having extra guys and Pop's truck and sent them out to get us a Christmas tree. I was so excited I convinced Ryan to get us a real one. It probably will be dead by Christmas but it smells so good! 

Later that afternoon David gave James a baseball lesson. Pretty much every day since James has told me he now wants to be either a football or baseball player when he grows up. 

Then my mom decided to play. Go Nene!
 The Hollands snuck off before we could get a total group picture but we did set the self timer for this one. 

Ryan and I convinced my mom and dad to spend the night. After Harrison got my mom up before dawn they were probably wishing they had chosen otherwise BUT they got some sweet snuggle time with the boys before they had to leave. 

And who wouldn't want to get up early with this little guy?!

Every year I feel overwhelmed by all we have to be thankful for. As we talked each night with James and did our thankful banner some of the things we discussed that we were thankful for this past year were our new home, Ryan's new job, Georgia and our other new niece or nephew that will be arriving, living closer to our families, and wonderful friends.  James also added that he was thankful for his playground. :)