Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ryan's Birthday Celebration

I really can't believe Ryan is 31- that just seems OLD. Not to offend anyone who is older than that. I think part of me can't believe so many years have passed since we started dating almost 15 years ago! I'm so grateful and thankful for him and his life and the way he loves me and the boys.  This year we spread the celebration out a little.  Ryan and I were going out of town for a wedding which we decided would also count as part of his birthday.  However I knew James would be upset if he didn't get to celebrate with him as well. James is smart enough to know when Daddy's birthday is at this point. After going to the pumpkin patch we headed over to Morgans for dinner. After that we walked over to Cow Cafe for dessert. I love living in a town where we can just walk around downtown and go places.
This place has the best croissants ever!

James worked really hard on a card for Daddy
 One of Ryan's presents from me was a bike trailer for the kids. Since moving we have been trying to take advantage of the weather and spend more time outside. The boys LOVED it! And hopefully Ryan did too!

Harrison looks a little freaked out
The wedding was in Edenton NC so we thought it would be fun to go the night before and stay at a bed and breakfast. This was my first time doing that. I have to say that I am more of a hotel girl but the breakfast was amazing.  3 courses and very yummy.

In order to get to our wing of the house you had to use an elevator and sometimes we couldn't get it to come up. Ryan figured out the solution of just going through a window!
 The next day we met up with Ryan's parents and Joe and Marianne for a walk around Edenton and then a boat tour.

What a view for a wedding!

It was great to get to celebrate a friend's wedding but also to get to spend some time together. Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping the boys!

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