Monday, October 20, 2014

Harrison's Dedication

Another special event that got skipped on the blog was Harrison's dedication. Honestly one of the reasons I didn't blog it was because it was such a special day for our family that I didn't really know how to do it justice. Here is a small summary of the day which we will always remember.  Thank you Sara for all the beautiful pictures!

For a variety of reasons Ryan and I decided we would dedicate instead of baptize our children. Neither of us are of the belief that one way is wrong and the other is right; this was just what we decided was right for our family.  Both of our boys' dedications were done at my parents' house which while unconventional, actually ended up being super special.  We kept it small and intimate, just our family and close friends that were still in town shortly after Christmas. 

My mom had the house beautifully decorated and provided us with a delicious lunch. 

Everyone who came wrote a special note for Harrison. This book is now on display in his room. 

My mom also got these cookies as a little favor for everyone to have. At James's dedication everyone got Christmas ornaments but I couldn't get it together this time around!

I love these pictures of Rebecca and I and our two boys. 

Still can't believe we got to be pregnant together and have boys 2 months apart. 
 We asked Joe to do both of our boys' dedications.  I love that he was the pastor at our wedding and that he also got to do this for the boys. He and Marianne and the kids even gave up a day of their vacation in Florida to come back early just so they could be there. 

We started off with a prayer 

I love James here
I had the idea to try to include James in the dedication. I mentioned maybe he could recite a bible verse. After some discussion James said he really wanted to sing Away in a Manger.  Let me just tell you- I could not keep the tears in.  He stood up in front of everyone and sang that song and it was about the most precious thing I have ever seen! 

Love this picture! 

At James's dedication we had each grandparent read a verse that was meaningful to them.  For Harrison we asked David and Greer to read a verse, for Marianne to read one, and Ryan and I each picked a verse as well. It was really special to hear what everyone chose. It also was neat to see what everyone read the verse from. We had verses from the iPhone, the iPad, the regular bible, and even the children's bible. 

I love the Jesus Calling bible for kids. If you have kids go get it! 

After Joe did a message he said a special prayer for Harrison. 

Everyone else also had time to pray for him

Love this sweet boy!

Looks like James was more cooperative for Uncle David than his Daddy in these pictures!

Harrison, your daddy and I chose to have you dedicated for several reasons.  We wanted to remind ourselves that as much as we love you, God loves you even more.  You are His and your life is in His hands. We wanted to give back what He has already given us. We are so thankful that He chose us to be your parents and that is a gift that we do not take lightly. We wanted to publicly promise to do our best to raise you in a way that is pleasing to Him, that we would strive to obey His word, that we would do our best to teach you scripture and we will try to model Christ in our every day actions.  We wanted to involve some of the people who love you, who will influence you. Harrison you are loved by so many people and many of them have prayed for you long before we even met you. We wanted to have a time to pray over you, to celebrate you, and celebrate the wonderful things that we know God will do in your life.  It is my prayer as your mother that one day you will chose for yourself to follow the Lord, that you would love God and love others, that you would be a bright light in this world, and that you would be your brother's closest friend and greatest encourager throughout life.  There are no words to describe how much we love you and how thankful we are for you. 

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