Saturday, October 11, 2014

David and Greer's Big Day

The original plans for the wedding was for it to be held outside. Well, the day before the wedding was gorgeous as was the day after but the day of the wedding it poured rain! Oh well. It didn't dampen the mood at all. 

Just a few of the personal touches around the Inn where the wedding took place. One thing I loved (but didn't take a picture of) was that they had framed pictures of the parents of the bride and groom and all of the siblings wedding days. So there was a picture of my mom and dad cutting their cake, of Ryan and I, etc.  So many little details that made it feel special. 

Even in the rain, how gorgeous is that view? 

Harrison and Pappy hanging out before it was time to get ready
My cute little man

Me and the bride 

The day I got married my mom gave me a garter that she had made from her wedding dress. She also had one made for David's future wife. It was so neat to see her bring it out 7 years later for Greer to wear! 
One of my favorite moments of the day (and David probably doesn't even remember it) was when I was all ready and the girls were just waiting and I decided to go check on David. I found him- he was all alone getting ready and quite nervous. It was so special to get to tell him good luck and give him a quick hug on such a busy and crazy day. 
One of my favorite moments 
I also got to check on these two good looking men 

My mom and Harrison were all dressed and ready 
Harrison wore the outfit that James wore when he was dedicated

Love this baby!
Our beautiful flowers 

I had packed all sorts of things to try to entertain James 

I really could write a whole blog about Whitney and Rod and how much they helped us on this weekend. We could not have done it without them! They did everything from feed our kids, rock them to sleep, get them dressed, entertain them, kept them during the rehearsal dinner, reception, etc. Sweet Whitney even hand delivered Harrison to me multiple times in the rain so I could feed him.  There are no words to say thank you to them enough. By them coming and helping us we were able to actually enjoy this special weekend (and survive it!)

I tried so hard to get a decent picture of the two of them. Not much luck but they sure were cute! 

I was super shocked that James made it down the aisle. During the rehearsal he was silly and acting crazy and very uncooperative. Well the day of the wedding I was giving him a pep talk and suddenly with all the confidence in the world he took off down the aisle like it was nothing. Once we got up there I had a hidden system for keeping him happy. When he started getting antsy I got the hidden bag of goldfish and instructed him to sit on the floor and he just ate goldfish for the whole ceremony. Worked like a charm- my kids love to eat! I also had a back up plan. Rod sat on the outside and I told him if I gave him the "look" then he could come scoop James up and run him out before he distracted everyone! Thankfully he did great. Some of my favorite parts of the ceremony were seeing David's face when he saw Greer, how choked up he got saying his vows, James blurting out one random comment during the prayer, and getting to walk out with Ryan and James at the end. Another thing I loved about the wedding was that it wasn't huge so it felt like we knew everyone there. It was neat during the ceremony to look out and see all the familiar faces. 

After the wedding I kept the kids at the reception for a short time and then thankfully Whitney and Rod took them to our cabin for bed. I have to confess that once the kids were gone I looked at Ryan and we both cheered, lol. The food was good, they had an awesome band, and we stayed up dancing WAY too late. So much fun! 

Loved getting to spend time with Whitney and Rod

A family photo!

And another! Doesn't happen often 

I just realized that the picture of me, Ryan, David and Greer is on Ryan's iPhone... so I guess I won't be posting that one right now. This next picture makes no sense except to David, Ryan, and me.  But yes Ryan and I snuck into the honeymoon suite and left a ham-bone biscuit on the bed. Don't ask. But we were rolling with laughter about it. 

To conclude this wonderful night we got back around 1 a.m. Harrison woke up to eat at 2 and 5 and we had to be on the road by 8 for the drive to the airport. Pure exhaustion. The things we do for family! Honestly though, this was one of the most special weekends of my life. To get to see my brother get married to his beautiful bride, to experience it with my husband and two kids and our close family and friends was worth every bit of effort.  It truly was an awesome weekend. 

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