Friday, October 31, 2014

Oct Misc

October has always been one of my favorite months. Beautiful weather, we have adjusted to our new schedule, football, and lots of family birthdays to celebrate.  Here are some of our memories from the month!

Baby shower for Greer

Field trip to see the Peter Pan play
Happy Birthday Pappy!

Uncle Rod is so much fun

H really wanted to try the wii fit
My grocery store helper
Field trip to the fire station 

I survived taking both kids to get flu shots 
Drawing with chalk 
Hiding under the tent 
James has made all sorts of Lego creations  
He started swim lessons at the Y
I love getting texts of this sweet girl!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Miss Georgia Greer

I'm SO excited to be writing this post! From the moment David and Greer told us they were pregnant I already was in love with their little baby. Finding out I was going to have a precious niece was super exciting and now she is finally here!  Just one more reason we are thankful to be closer to family because I would have been an emotional wreck if I was so far away when this sweet girl was born. 

The night before Georgia was born I got a text from David that said maybe she was coming in the near future. I was so excited I couldn't even sleep and was up all night thinking about them.  The next morning we found out she was definitely coming and Ryan called his mom to see if she could watch the boys so I could go on to Wilmington.  My amazing mother in law came to New Bern and offered to spend the night so I could go be with my family.  There are no words to say how much this meant to me!  Several weeks before Georgia was born I shared with Ryan how much I wanted to be there and how I was worried things wouldn't work out for me to be.  I'm so thankful for how God worked out those details! I made it to the hospital and my mom was already there waiting, my dad showed up right behind me, and the Patos were on their way from Miami.  I am someone who has had very fast labors (which I am not complaining about) so sometimes I forget that some babies like to take their time.  We were all so anxious in the waiting room and finally we got a text from David that she was here!

Selfie in the waiting room!

She is here!
 My dad went to get the Patos from the airport and David allowed me and my mom to come back with him and Greer to meet Georgia. I couldn't help but tear up, she is just perfect!

Getting her footprints done

6 lbs 9 ounces, 18 inches long

I loved seeing the Patos reaction to meeting her- so so sweet!
Meeting Granny Deb
Getting to know Daddy

First time holding her!

Our first selfie

Changing rooms

The next day we showed up at the hospital and got some time to really love on Miss Georgia. We seriously couldn't stop looking at her; she is just precious! 

Greer is already a wonderful mommy

Getting her bath

All the love and non of the responsibility. I love being an aunt!

I seriously could barely make myself leave. I had told myself I would try to be home by lunchtime, I ended up not getting home till almost dinner time! I was thinking today about when my boys were born and now Georgia's birth. Those first times being together as a new family are some of the most precious memories in my life.  I am counting down the days till next weekend when Ryan and the boys are coming with me for a visit.