Sunday, September 21, 2014

Purple Gold!

Last year we didn't get to go to a single Pirate football game which was super sad and depressing. Harrison had NEVER been to a game. I mean, James went to his first game when he was 6 weeks old so needless to say Harrison was behind on this.  Thankfully now that we are just an hour away it makes supporting the pirates much easier. We made sure we were there for the first home game. I ended up letting James stay for the whole thing but I sent Harrison home with my mom for bedtime. Sorry Harrison!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and it was time for us to play UNC-Chapel Hill. I could write an entire blog post about why I REALLY wanted us to beat that team but in the interest of not offending anyone I will just leave it at that. Well we ended up winning and it was seriously one of the best games I have ever been to.  The weather was perfect. A completely full stadium.  Getting to be there with our family.  Looking over to the side of the football field to the outline of the medical school and realizing that we have actually finally finished that journey and are back in NC.  As the sun set it cast a gorgeous purple haze over the field. The atmosphere was incredible. Go Pirates!


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