Friday, September 5, 2014

New School

I will admit that one thing I was really sad about leaving in Shreveport was the boys' school.  The teachers were super sweet, the classes were small, and it was familiar.  One of the hardest things about starting over is that nothing is familiar anymore and everything is a transition.  We were excited to get James and Harrison into a school that is practically in our neighborhood.  Harrison is in the youngest class (15 months to 23 months) and James is in the 4 year old class. I love their philosophy of education and the emphasis on play-based learning. When the director said, "If you are looking for a preschool where the kids sit and do lots of worksheets then this is not for you." Music to my birth-kindergarten/elementary education degree ears! My biggest complaint about the school so far is that the boys go for less time but it costs more money! Oh well, I guess everything can't be perfect. 

We had a parent meeting the week before school started and then the next morning they hosted an open house for the kids to come meet the teachers and explore. One thing I love about it is that after spending two hours in their individual classes the kids take their "passports" and can visit any of the 10 classrooms, each of which has a different emphasis. Some examples are science, dramatic play, math manipulatives, literacy, art, etc. During open house the kids got to explore each of these rooms and it was fun to see James check it all out. 

Harrison thought he was hot stuff in the big kids room

This picture makes me laugh. Typical expressions and what can I say, I love for them to match! 

The first official day of school was finally here and I attempted to get that wonderful picture that every other mom seems to be able to get of their kids. Apparently I'm not that mom. 

Each day every class writes a summary of what they did. This was Harrison's class.

We decided to try one more time for a first day of school photo. 

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