Thursday, September 4, 2014

Harrison 15 Months

Height- 30 inches
Weight-24 pounds, 13 ounces 
Wears 18-24 months, size 6 shoes

Harrison oh Harrison.  You are such a mess right now in a wonderful way.  There is no end to the destruction you cause around the house. Some of the things this past month include dumping over a new container of liquid washing detergent in our foyer, learning to open all of our doors which led to me finding you in the garage by yourself, learning to climb on furniture, and of course pulling out every single thing in every single cabinet in the kitchen.  You are now able to walk really well and rarely crawl. I say it all the time but you are so funny! Every day you make us laugh. Your expressions, your actions, your words. They crack us up!  Some of your new words are yellow, blue, bubble, baby, Nene, Nana, and my personal favorite "Jesus". I wish I could type the way you pronounce it but it is the sweetest thing. You get your bible book out and point out Jesus to us on every page.  You still love to read, especially Moo, Baa, La La La.    You call it "la la la" and you love to go search for it and bring it to us. The other day you slept till 7 (wow!) and when I went to get you you were sitting in your crib just looking at your books. This past month you started preschool two mornings a week (you do not seem to like it so far) and you also switched to one nap a day.  It has been nice having James in preschool because you and I get to do some things together. You still love to eat. You love fruit so much that I can't take you grocery shopping because you go crazy in the produce section. I mean REALLY crazy! You love to dance, to play outside, and of course to get dirty in any way possible. We love you so much!

Basketball lesson with Dad

Attempt at going to the library. Not going to be doing that again anytime soon!

Selfie after the pool 

This was my attempt to get him to take a nap in my bed one day out of desperation. Needless to say it didn't work. 

Wearing his daddy's pjs

Go Pirates!

I was at CVS and he went crazy signing that he wanted to eat. I bought these for him and shortly after this picture he dumped the entire bag on the floor of the pharmacy. I'm slightly ashamed to say that I looked at the pharmacist, said I was sorry and just left the store with that huge mess. 

Breakfast date at Chick-fil-a

Just trying on Mom's shoes

Shortly after taking this picture he started eating the raw sweet potato. Oh Harrison! 

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