Tuesday, August 19, 2014

James's 4th Birthday Party!

James is that kid that plans his next birthday party at least a year in advance. For example he has already planned for his 5th birthday party to be a Hot Wheels party. For the most part he doesn't deviate from his original plan so months ago when he started talking about wanting a "colors" party I knew he was serious. The thought that went through my mind was- what exactly is a colors party? And how bout something a little easier like trucks or trains? Then I started remembering that when I was three I requested an "orange" birthday party that my mom did allow me to have and I came to the conclusion that apparently color-themed parties must run in our DNA.  Anyway, I was feeling pretty guilty about James's party this year because we had only lived in New Bern a few weeks, he hadn't started school, and basically all of his friends were still in Shreveport so this ended up being a very simple party, but he still loved it! 

I have a small obsession with children's books and I love having our family and friends write notes in books for special occasions that we can read together in the future. I found an adorable book called The Day the Crayons Quit for the party guests to write in and James has loved reading it! 

Harrison looks real excited about the party...
 In keeping with the colors theme I bought some paint and tie-dyed duck tape and let the kids paint a canvas with their initial on it.  After drying you pull off the tape and the initial is left behind- that's about as crafty as I get. 

We also did each child's hand print and name on a canvas for James to keep. 

Once these were finished they made a nice decoration in his new room
 We brought our jump house, bubble maker, got our my mom's water table and all my parents' outdoor toys.  Simple fun.  

James put in a very specific request for his cake. He wanted a cake with colors the order of the rainbow (somehow the kid memorized ROYGBIV)  He wanted M&Ms and colored sprinkles and of course his favorite color, blue.  I put my mom to work on this special cake order and needless to say she delivered! 

His face lit up when he saw it

ROYGBIV! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet

We put Harrison in the pen (the empty water fountain, haha) and my dad fed him ice cream. It was the only way to keep him contained! 

My friend Sara took many of the beautiful pictures from this day like the one of this cutie pie.  I think it's pretty obvious which ones she took and which were taken with my iPhone. 

 I can't believe my sweet boy is 4! James we love you so much! As your daddy wrote in your book, you put the color in our lives and we are SO thankful for you! 

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  1. Emily, I love these birthday pictures. I am impressed with all the details you came up with and your mom did a great job on the cake!! Hope you guys are feeling settled in New Bern.