Monday, August 4, 2014

Harrison at 14 months

I have said often this summer that this has been one of my favorite stages of parenting for both kids.  They are both in such funny, sweet stages and yes, they still drive me crazy at times but it has been a nice reprieve from some of the more challenging times (which I'm sure we will enter another one of those stages in the near future)

Harrison you are so funny! Your dad and I comment often that you are one funny kid. Your personality cracks us up. You are super serious and often have a look of deep concentration on your face.  That expression combined with your super fat cheeks makes for one cute kid.  You wear 18 month clothing, size 5-6 shoes, and size 5 diapers.  You can stand for a long time and took your first steps for your grandparents while I was in Florida with your dad. You have 2 bottom teeth and 1/2 of a top tooth and are getting several others. You love french fries, cheese, any type of fruit especially oranges. You love to drink water and are currently refusing to drink milk out of a cup for some reason.  You loves to point and grunt and you always manage to get your point across. Some of your favorite words are Mama, Dada, Daddeeee, no, bye bye uh-oh, ball, dog, door, on, and booh (book).  You absolutely love to read books.  You have to have them in your bed to sleep, you have to look at one while getting your diaper changed, riding in the car, and your favorite book is the one about Elmo and balls. Every animal is a dog to you. The other day you were eating breakfast and a deer ran across our backyard and you yelled out "dog!".  Your favorite words are Dada and Daddee.  You say them about 500 times a day. You are actually babbling in your crib right now as I write this and are calling for Dada and Daddee over and over again. You know the sign language for eat, more, all done, and please.  Often the first thing you do when I see you in the morning is sign "eat."  You and James LOVE to eat and I cannot seem to keep either of you full. Often you will eat a huge meal and ten minutes later come up to me and sign that you want to eat more! You are very mischeivious and love to get into everything. Just yesterday you tried to stick your finger in the socket, pull the lamp on your head, climbed up on the table and almost fell off and got your head stuck in the holes of a chair. And these are just the ones I remember! One funny thing you do is go up to whatever you are not supposed to play with, stick your finger out, and say "no no no" and then you do it anyway. After a long time of not sleeping well you have finally starting getting up at 6 instead of 5! (or 4:30...)  You are super easy to put down. We read some "boohs" and then turn off the lights and just dump you in your crib and you are good to go.  You still take two naps, about an hour in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon. Considering you never slept more than 30 minutes for a nap till you were almost one this seems like a small miracle! You are very tolerant of James and he loves you so much as do your dad and I.

Just having a little snack 
My water baby

Not so sure he was happy about being on the boat at this moment


Mom- stop taking my picture while I'm eating! 

Just rearranging the furniture

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