Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Misc

Some of our memories from August!

I told James for his birthday we could go to the pool and get ice cream. Of course it rained so no pool but that didn't mean no ice cream! When we got back to our house the power was out so we headed to Chick fil a. Nothing like dessert before dinner. 

I love that I can see right from my kitchen sink into the back yard. Needless to say I don't trust them there for long but maybe one day. 

James requested, "Mom take a picture of me and Harrison"

Puzzles at the library 

Day trip with Nene to Ft Macon

Harrison's favorite part of the beach 

The beach sells ice cream too! 

Getting ready for Granny Baker's birthday party 

Happy 80th birthday Granny!

I can't get my camera to capture it good but when his hair is wet or it is humid outside Harrison gets a mass of curls. Love it!

First day of work for Daddy at the new hospital 

We got to celebrate this sweet boy's first birthday 

I love Harrison's expression here! Bored tolerance. 

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