Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Fun

We had planned on staying at Harker's Island for the 4th of July but our plans got interrupted by a hurricane so we headed back to New Bern. We tried to make the best of the change of plans and had a fun day together. 

My two firecrackers 
Lunch at the park 

Trying out the new water table 
Ryan is the best dad ever for taking them on a walk because it was HOT
Snack time on the porch 
That afternoon we went to one of the town festivals for dinner and some fun. We were probably the first people there to leave- there was no way we were staying till 9:00 to watch the fireworks. And just to give an accurate description of life James was TERRIBLE while we were at this festival! You just never know what kind of mood you will get from that guy. 

Painting the mural 

Running through the splash area 

James had cheered up at this point

Even though it wasn't how we planned our 4th of July and it was a little disappointing to not be at the beach we still had a great day. 

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