Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Misc

We have had a great July. After Ryan took his boards we have taken a little break from house stuff and really tried to soak up time together as a family. It has been awesome having him home for a few weeks. It has been the most amazing summer being able to live closer to so many friends and family. In Shreveport every weekend was so lonely. I can hardly believe all that we have done this month and all the people we have been able to see. 

In Shreveport there was a place to pick blueberries and I was sad we never did it. I was thrilled to learn we have two blueberry farms only 10 minutes away and the berries are delicious!!!

Harrison loved picking the blueberries too
Family selfie. Love Harrison's expression in this- he always looks miserable, haha!

I love that it was based on the honor system. You just weighed what you picked and then left the money. 

I took James to see Prince of Egypt for the summer kids' movie. He was so excited but then freaked out when Pharaoh started killing the babies so we left. We tried again this past week at the new Planes movie and it went much better. 
Someone has decided that he loves feeding himself with a spoon. 
A card for Daddy from James 

James and I went on a late night date to get a donut. I told him to get ready and this is what he came down wearing. 
We got invited to go to the beach to see Sara and Rebecca. I ended up just taking James because the weather was not so great and he had a great time playing with Reece. It was raining and windy but Sara was still able to capture some great shots.  I love that they show how much fun they were having together.

We love living near the water! What a view for lunch. 
Marianne came! We love having visitors. 
Lunch date with my Hutchy

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Brief Trip to Gville

Before I knew it it was time for Ryan to take his medical boards and the testing site was in Greenville so we headed there for a long weekend. 

We brought Madeline back with us and it gave us a chance to try out the third row. We finally got rid of Ryan's 2-door car and have loved the flexibility we have now that both of us can transport the kids. 

I got to meet some friends for breakfast and finally was able to meet sweet Daniel. 

I can't believe we have 4 boys, 3 of which were born within a year of each other. 

Love this! I just wish Sara could have been there too. 

We also got to visit both of our parents
Right after Ryan took his boards we jumped in the car and headed to Wilmington minus the kids for dinner with David and Greer. I hadn't seen Greer since she found out she was pregnant! 
That cute belly!
On the way back to New Bern I looked behind me and caught this. Love these two sweet boys so much! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

First Few Days at Home

A few pictures from our first few days in our new home.  It was pretty crazy but boy did it feel good to be in our new home all together again. Ryan flew in the day after we closed. We had about 48 hours in the house before the kids came to unpack as much as we could. After that the kids arrived and Ryan started studying for the boards so all progress pretty much stalled at that point! The boys were so fun to watch as they saw the house for the first time and got to explore it. James loves to give the house tour to visitors. The funniest part was that James kept getting confused and lost the first week. He had a really hard time remembering where the bathroom was, lol.  

Unpacking the toys that the movers had just dumped into boxes
My first priority was getting the kids' rooms into a semblance of order
James has insisted on sleeping on the floor since moving 
Breakfast in our new home

The joys of living in a two story house. Harrison is FAST to climb up these stairs!

So excited to get their toys back out of storage 

The grocery store is 3 minutes from our house. Much better than the 20 minutes I used to drive.

Harrison "helping" me organize the pantry  

Harrison's birthday present that James seems to have taken over 
We officially have a climber
James went to VBS at his new school. I was super proud of him for going when he didn't know anyone!
Madeline came to help me out while Ryan crammed for boards

Was she seriously my flower girl? I feel old.

Uncle David came for one night 

Harrison was captivated by his beard

After dinner at The Chelsea we went out for ice cream to celebrate because we closed on our house in Shreveport that day! 

The moment you realize that you ordered too much pizza...
Never know what you might find when unpacking
Stroll downtown with Nana and Pop