Monday, June 30, 2014

June Misc

A few of our June memories in Shreveport before the big move!

Yet another dinner out with these two due to house stuff.  I finally just gave up on cooking for a few weeks. 
On our 8 year anniversary I woke up to a huge collage of pictures all over the house. Ryan had printed various ones from the past 8 years of marriage (and an additional 6 years of dating) and had decorated the house with them. It brought back SO many memories!

He also made me a CD of special songs

How funny is this one? One of our youth group trips back in the day
For our anniversary we decided we would go to dinner and then go get a Cheeburger milkshake. That was our first meal in Shreveport when we moved. Well despite the fact we drive past Cheeburger multiple times a week we didn't realize that it had closed! One thing that made this night extra special is that while we were there I got a text from my brother saying that he and Greer are having a baby girl! Hooray for being an aunt and having a niece!!!!

Our yearly picture so we remember what anniversary it was- 8 years. :) 
I had the fun experience of taking James with me to Harrison's doctor appointment.

While at the doctor's office I bribed James with a trip to Counter Culture after if he behaved.

I couldn't resist a little shopping for my niece...

Typical Sunday shopping trip to Target 
Harrison loves to eat lemons

Play date with Emmy

Every year the hospital has a "Chief's Roast" where first the chiefs make fun of the staff and other residents and then the upcoming 5th years poke fun at the chiefs. It always in the past has been at a really nice restaurant, formal, and honestly a little stuffy. Well this year Ryan was in charge and decided to rent out the outdoor patio of a Mexican restaurant and it was SO much fun.  It was hilarious for me to hear all the things they said about Ryan and I may have teared up a little when he added a little speech to me at the end! It was a great way to spend our last Friday night in Shreveport. 

The chiefs! Ryan and Allison 

And our final few moments in LA.

Father's Day breakfast at Marilyn's. We will miss this place!

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