Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Harrison's First Birthday!

I just really cannot believe that Harrison is one!  What a year it has been!  In typical fashion Ryan had to work late on his real birthday so we decided to celebrate the weekend before. It was a little sad to not get to celebrate with our families but luckily we will all be in NC to celebrate in just a couple of weeks!!!

I decided since I wasn't having a party I still wanted to get him a special cake. We went with a Mickey cake since we had so much fun at Disney World, and I requested the smallest cake possible. Well Ryan and I went to pick it up and it seriously would have fed 30 people!  It sure was cute though. 

His little smash cake which was the size we needed for all of us!

James requested that I take his picture with the cake

Maybe one day both kids will look at the same time 
 We decided to open some presents before eating the cake. 

Kiss from James

James pretty much took over and opened all the presents 

And he looks a little more excited than the birthday boy

Real impressed with his

Then it was time for cake! 

James of course took care of blowing out the candle 

Don't think he was too impressed with the cake either 
Trying a little taste 

Not a fan

Let's just squish it instead 

The rest of us decided to eat cake and since Harrison obviously was not enjoying his I got him some cheese. 

Now he was happy!

Yummy cheese! 

Love his feet propped up 

I wanted his real birthday to feel at least a little special so I begged Jennifer to bring the kids over for a play date and to eat leftover cake. You know you are friends when you offer someone leftovers! 

This time Reece helped him open his present 

Such a good friend to put up with the craziness at our house that day. Utter chaos. 

Harrison's best gift of all was that we got an offer on the house on his birthday!  So thankful for that!

On James's first birthday I took him to Chick fil a so I decided to keep the tradition. Plus we had another house showing and there was no way I was cooking. 

So incredibly thankful for this sweet boy! 

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