Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Harrison 9 Months

I say it every month but I cannot believe our H is 9 months old! He will be one before I know it. I told Ryan that the fastest way to make this year go by was to have another baby and it is SO true.  Harrison, here are some things about you at 9 months. 

Weight: 20 lbs, 12.5 oz 75th percentile
Height 28 1/4 inches, 50th percentile
Head Circumference 18 1/4th inches, 90th percentile

(James was a good bit bigger than Harrison at this point but H is definitely still a chunker)  Harrison you wear sizes 12-18 months clothing and when they measured your foot they said you are a size 4.  However you have never worn shoes for more than 5 minutes because they all fall off!  You have slept through the night all of one time in the first 9 months of your life.  Just like your brother I am astonished at how strong willed you can be when it comes to those middle of the night hours!  You still are our 30 minute napper; every once in awhile you surprise us with a decent nap but not often. However you are surprisingly normally very happy even when you don't get enough rest.  You go to bed super early (6 p.m) and no matter what time we put you to bed you are almost always up around 5.  I think it's because you want to see your daddy before work.  You are crawling ALL over the place and are into everything. In the last week you figured out how to take off all the door stoppers, got stuck under a chair, and crawled into the middle of the side table and then fell out. You are a mess. You have learned to wave (the first person you ever waved to was James) and to play patty cake and are getting much better at feeding yourself.  You can pull up and much to James's dismay you love to pull up on his train table to chew on the track. Everything goes in your mouth but still no teeth. We love your gummy smile! You like to dance with your head while in the high chair and you have a serious obsession with eating cheese. You are our baby boy, our big H, our sweet Hutchy and we love you so much! 

Sign Destruction

First time riding in the cart

Hopefully the final snow/ice day of the season 

Thank goodness for the Mum Mums when we go out to eat

First time I caught him pulling up 

sweet baby 

We have started using a bottle more and James was THRILLED to get to feed H
I think H was a little freaked out...

He was crazy happy in the swing at the park!