Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Would We Do Without Nene?

Ryan and I say it often. We don't know how we would have survived the past five years without my mom.  Anyone who knows her knows that she is truly a saint!  She  is so sweet to come and visit us as often she can.  She always insists on Ryan and I going out as much as possible while she takes care of the kids. Bless her heart, this last time she shared a room with James for a week (who is not an easy kid to share a room with) and even slept on the floor on a kid-sized air mattress! As happy as we are to move closer to our families I have to admit it has been really special to have our visitors come and stay and really live with us. 

She loves her boys and they sure do love her!

I mean how many Grandma's are this fun??? 

H is having a blast!

We celebrated her birthday

Having a little snack together

We love you Nene! 

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