Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb Misc

Some of our memories from Feb! 

A chilly brunch at Panera. One of the few places we can normally eat with minimal stress. 

Still working on coloring in the lines but getting better

Loading up stuff from the house to put in the storage unit. 

Tired daddy, sweet boys 

First trip to Krispy Kreme 

 I took the following picture to remember a disastrous meal.  Ryan was working all day Saturday and James pleaded with me to take him to Shogun. Against my better judgement we went and it was a disaster. Crying from H, James laying on the floor having a tantrum, H dumping a bowl of salad and dressing on the floor, etc. etc. I was so thankful to leave.

We had our first ER visit.  Long story short- H swallowed something and almost choked. Hours later he was still acting funny and breathing strange. Ryan ended up having to take him to the ER late at night while I stayed at home. It was about the 887, 951 time that I wished we had family close by because it is really not cool to have to stay behind when your baby goes to the hospital because you have no one you can call to stay with your 3 year old. Praise Jesus that Ryan pulled some strings and they got seen right away and it ended up being okay. 

The next morning, showing off his hospital I.D.

Bringing home his valentine for Mommy 

Who would have ever thought my kid would have a REDDISH tint to his hair?!?! 

Play date with Emmy 

Love him

Wearing the first outfit that Ryan's grandparents gave him as a baby 

Too much love from brother 

All better 

Thursday night "jumpy" night 

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