Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Quick Weekend Visit

Right after I found out my friend Shannon was pregnant we began working on her baby shower and I knew there was one weekend that would allow me to get to come for it. Thankfully it worked out for everyone to do it then!  Ryan had a 3 day weekend so I left him with James for some quality time together and Harrison and I headed to NC.  Unfortunately the night before I left I got really really sick. I wasn't sure I would even be able to travel but somehow we made it there.

Just hanging out at the airport 

Valentine lunch date

My travel buddy

I think Harrison liked getting all the attention on this trip and not having to share with his brother!

H was my date to the shower

Yummy brunch

Can't believe we used to babysit Mary Helen's kids and now she is holding ours! 

Love this little man

I just realized I don't have a picture with just Shannon! Hopefully our talented photographer Sara got one in her stash.

Shortly after the shower we realized I had strep throat.  Thankfully I know a doctor who can call me in meds even from afar. :)  Needless to say it was not the ideal scenario but at least I had my family to help me so it actually was a lot better than being sick in Shreveport on my own!  

Pappy and his mini-me

No matter how sick I was there was no way I was missing our family dinner (minus Ryan) that night. We had had reservations for dinner for my mom's birthday and David and Greer had come just for it. Truthfully even though I felt awful I was so thrilled to get to be with my family that it was still a wonderful night. 

That night while we were at dinner Harrison got to have a special overnight trip to Nana and Pop's. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. I seriously ran in and out to try to avoid infecting anyone else.  It worked out great that they took him because I was able to get a full nights sleep which I desperately needed!

So glad to see David and Greer 

Before long it was time to go back and thankfully my mom traveled with me.  On the last flight Harrison was so bad that the flight attendant actually came to me and gave me permission to go stand in front of the cockpit door (which if you have ever flown you know is a big no-no these days) so I could bounce him on my shoulder until he fell asleep. Praise the Lord for understanding flight attendants! 

It was a great weekend but boy am I ready to take a break from traveling with kids for awhile! 

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  1. Yay! I made the blog! Thank you so much for coming! I know it is hard traveling with kids, but it was awesome to see you!! Love you!!!