Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Funny and Sweet Sayings Church Addition- Plus a Few More

One of the most challenging, exciting, and hilarious aspects of parenting is seeing James start to understand and try to process more of the bible.  I love seeing how he is learning about Jesus but it makes for some interesting conversations such as the following.

Some of James's latest prayers:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for this food. And please help Harrison to take a really good nap." (wonder who he has heard pray that before???)

"Dear God please let Harrison not cry and Daddy to have a good surgery."

"Dear God, please don't let Harrison knock over my tower."

"Dear God, please get Nene home safely and please bless her mango."  (My mom had forgotten to eat the mango in the kitchen while she was here and somehow the mango made it into the prayer that day)

A lot of our discussions come from reading the bible at night and doing his Awana stories.  For awhile we just went straight through the bible book but now he is very particular about which story he chooses each night. We have gone through lots of different children's bibles and have several favorites. Currently he is using Jesus Calling for children. I love it! Here are some of his comments regarding bible story time.

"Why do they only have one cup? Why do they have to share?" (story of the last supper)

"I want to read the one with the broken walls. The one about Jericho."

"Where are the windshield wipers?" (Noah and the Ark)

"I want to read about the hurt man." (Good Samaritan)

"Why they not get in the hallway? There should have been a hallway on that boat!"(Jesus calming the storm)  This comment made me laugh because in late May we had a terrible storm/tornado warning.  I was massively pregnant and they came on the TV and said if you live near the street our neighborhood is off of then to take cover. James was asleep, the power went out, and it sounded like a train heading for our house.  9 months pregnant and I jerked him out of that bed, pulled his entire mattress off, and got in the hallway with him under it. I was TERRIFIED.  I just kept praying the whole time. (I have a serious fear of tornadoes)  While that situation wasn't funny at all it was pretty humorous to see how he linked that experience to the storm that Jesus and the disciples were in!

"I want to read the story about David and Greer" (a.k.a David and Goliath)

And a few other memorable biblical conversations:

James: "Hold me Mommy." Emily: "I only have two hands." James: "Why?" Emily: "That's all God gave us."  James: "He should have given you three hands so you could hold James too!"

"I'm not going to listen, just like Jonah!" (this statement came in the middle of a full out tantrum where he ran out the door and down the street)

"What's a bible study?"

"I don't want to go to church. I want to go to a lunch place."

James: "Mommy you hurt my eye." Emily: "I'm sorry." James: "You sinned!"

James: "Mom, why is Jesus holy?" Emily: "Well, he is set apart from all of us." James: "Like a hole in the road?" Emily: "No, not like a hole in the road or in your shirt, that is a different kind of hole." James: "Who has a hole in their shirt?" Emily: "No one, I was just giving an example." James: "Why is there a hole in your shirt?" Emily: "What I was trying to say is that Jesus is holy because he is really special." James: "No, I'm special!" Emily: "Okay, you are special too."  Pause for 30 seconds.  James: "Mom, why is Jesus holy?" And so it begins again...

"Why we have to go to heaven? Is there going to be lunch there? How long does the drive take?"

James: "I'm sorry for breaking the Christmas ornament Mommy." Emily: "It's okay. I forgive you." James: "I forgive you too." 

And here are just a few random funny/sweet things he has said lately. 

"Mommy you can have your next birthday at the jump house and it can be a Percy party. I'll open a present and then you can."

"I'm sorry I was bad Mommy. I still love you."

"I'm almost 30. Then I can sleep in the bed with you and Daddy"

Emily: "James, what are you thankful for?" James: "My brother and sister." Emily: "Who is your sister?" James: "Mommy."

"Santa needs to have a white beak." (beard)

"Speak Harry Speak!" (for the record Harrison is NOT called Harry so I'm not sure where he got that from!)

"You're just so pretty mommy"

"Why did Daddy almost break the law?"

"I've been dreaming about animals and I really want to dream about toys."

"Let's go live in the woods." 

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