Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

We kept trying to find time to make our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and we couldn't quite seem to get there. Finally we found a time even though the month was almost over.  It was not exactly the fun relaxing time we had had in the past...

James immediately picked out pumpkins for all of us. It took a total of 45 seconds for him to accomplish this task. 

He was super obsessed with pulling the wagon

James quickly let it be known that he was in no mood to take any pictures, much to my dismay. As in he would rather do anything than be in a picture. I'm not ashamed to admit that yes I wanted sweet cute pictures of the boys in their matching shirts with the pumpkins in the background and that was part of my incentive to go to the patch. The sun was also super bright so it was hard to see. At least Harrison was somewhat cooperative. 

Actually got a small smile

Check out this face. You can almost see how stubborn he is. 

Poor Harrison in the bright sun

Oh James

So much for a decent pic with Mom 

Our attempt at the family photo...
Any chance for a decent picture of the boys together? Nope!

Right after this next picture James said, "He is getting heavy" and dropped H.  Thankfully I did a dive and caught him at the last second. 

Chillin in the wagon 

The boys! And its a decent pic!  
Another try for the family shot

Thanks James 
 Then some nice lady at the patch tried to take one for us. You can see what Mr. 3 year old decided to do.  While taking this picture Ryan got a look on his face and started demanding that we leave. Apparently Harrison had a massive diaper blow out. The kind that comes up the back AND stomach. Yikes. We had had enough of the pumpkin patch for one day, lol. 

With it being our last year in Shreveport I'm going to have to do several blasts from the pasts. :) 


All the pumpkins were "balls" that year 


Much more compliant in the pictures last year!

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  1. Love these pictures...especially the family ones!! Bennett does the same thing as James. and good luck with a brother pic...I only have maybe 2 good smiling ones of both together in 2 years!