Monday, October 7, 2013

Funny sayings from the past few months

I wish I could record all the hilarious things James is saying these days. They may only be funny to his dad and I but he sure keeps us laughing.

Emily: We only have one treat a day. James: No Mommy I want to eat all the treats!

Emily: Mommy said no. James: Mommy need to say yes to James!

James: Open up that belly and let me see inside!

James: What's that? (my expanded belly button) Who poked it out?

James: I want to kiss that baby!

James: I have to be 16 to drive the car. You can sit in the back Mama

James: I want to cry. I want to get into trouble.

James: Happy now Mama? Why you got a sad face?  (this is what he says after getting into trouble)

While reading the story about Jesus washing the disciples feet, James: What is he doing Daddy? Ryan: Washing their feet. James- you are supposed to wash your hands

Emily: Want some strawberries or blueberries? James: No, those are not healthy for my body

James: Where's all the milk? Where are his hands?  These are the two things I remember James saying when he ran into the hospital room to meet Harrison. I think he thought he was going to immediately give him a bottle and he was really confused by the swaddle as to where Harrison's hands were!

Emily: James, we are getting ready to go to church. James: I don't want to go to church. I'll throw away ALL the church!"

Emily: James, what did you learn about at Sunday school. James: Nothing. We didn't talk about Jesus.  (for the record our church does teach the children about Jesus!)

James: Look at this mess. Ryan- I wonder who made it. James- It was me...

James: Where is Daddy? Emily: He went to work. James: He's supposed to give me a hug!

James: Mommy do you want some ice cream? Emily: No thanks. James: You are supposed to say yes!

James: That's my brother Daddy. (melted my heart with that declaration)

James: I can drink coffee at the donut store when I get older.

James: Your my boy Daddy!

I could write a whole post about funny things he has said and done while I have nursed or pumped but we will keep it clean for the blog. Lol

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