Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of Preschool and MDO

The highly anticipated day had finally arrived- the first day of preschool and mother's day out.  Or as they say in Shreveport, PreK3 and MDO.  Don't get me wrong- I LOVE staying at home with my boys. Even more than loving it, Ryan and I both feel like that is what I'm supposed to do during this stage of my life; It's what I feel called to do. That being said those few hours alone each week are my sanity saver, and after a hot Louisianan summer with a toddler and a newborn we were all ready to get back into our routine.

That morning we had a little photo shoot. Being a former teacher I purposely picked out outfits with their names on them for the first day. It's hard remembering all those kids! After taking these I realized if I had been more of a Pinterest mom I would have had a cute little sign made for them to hold. Then again I'm not much of a Pinterest mom so I guess it's okay! :)

Kiss from brother 

This one makes me laugh. Poor H

Getting ready to walk in 

Harrison's room 

James checking out his new room 

Happy when I left him, always a big praise 

It felt so weird going through the pick up line to get James. He is so big!

Got his school bag
 A couple of days later look what the school sent: a cute picture for those non-Pinteresty moms like myself! Haha.

I can't believe that James is old enough to be in preschool. So far he has loved his new class and teacher, and it has been a smooth transition for him.  Poor Harrison had a tough time at MDO.  To quote the head of the program "We just can't seem to make him happy."  Thankfully he seems to be doing better now, and the ladies there all love him.  I love the church where they go. It's a small program, and all the teachers know both of them.  James loves the days that Harrison goes with him.  He is so proud to carry in H's bottles to the classroom in the morning. The teacher told me that whenever James sees Harrison before pick up he always runs over and starts hugging and kissing him.  I love those sweet boys!

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