Monday, August 12, 2013

James's 3rd Birthday- Shreveport

Several months before James's birthday I decided that the easiest party to do would be at In the Zone or the "jump house place" as he calls it. All I wanted was a place to show up and give a check because I knew with a 2 month old I would not be wanting to deal with a bunch of party planning.  I almost decided to not even have a party for him since we were going to be in NC for his real birthday but I wanted him to have a party with his friends since next year he probably won't have made any by his birthday!

The morning of the party Ryan was working and on call. I was really nervous that something would come up and he would miss the party and I would be on my own.  Thankfully he got back from the hospital at 9:22 that morning. We were supposed to leave at 9:30. I was in my bathrobe feeding the baby and neither kid was dressed. It was a little bit crazy! :)

$ Tree Balloons- best place to get balloons, they last forever!
Someone was really excited!
At the last minute my cake lady canceled on me. I panicked and started trying to figure out a cake and on a whim looked at what Kroger had in their catalog.  This cupcake cake only cost $20 and I will totally be doing more of these in the future. James loved it and I loved saving the $$$

It came with a train but I had bought "birthday Thomas" for the top 
Someone was really excited
 Since Harrison was in the fussy baby who has to be held all the time or he screams stage, I got our babysitter to meet us there. It was definitely helpful to have another pair of hands.

Chick-fil-a nuggets, goldfish, applesauce squeezers, and cupcakes. Not the healthiest but all his favorites!

Harrison finally passed out from all the excitement 

I can't believe I went down this thing

I always get a little nervous when James wants to hold the baby...

The funniest thing was on the way home Harrison (who absolutely hates his car seat) actually DIDN'T cry because he was so captivated by the balloons. I guess we just needed to keep them in our car always!

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