Saturday, August 3, 2013

Harrison 2 Months

Some highlights of the second month:

Doctor's Appointment at 6 weeks
Weight: 10 lbs, 15 oz
Length 22 inches

Likes: looking at the animals that hang on the bouncy seat, being in the bathtub, wrinkling your forehead, eating, looking at toys, going to the farmer's market, tummy time, watching the mobile on the swing

Dislikes: having reflux, taking naps, the car seat, baby acne and cradle cap

It is hard being the younger brother

Getting good at holding that head up
The boys under the tent

Passed out in the Moby

First smiles
And funny faces

baby cross eyes
Happy that Daddy came home early

James had been begging since I was pregnant to give the baby a bottle. I was finally able to let him.

Early morning story time with Nene

When Harrison was 6 weeks old he and I flew for a quick weekend trip to NC so that we could go to Ashley's wedding. After having him I realized that there was no way I could travel with him and James alone at that point so James ended up staying behind. 

On the way to the airport and not looking happy about it!
6 weeks old and flying for the first of many times
Rebecca was kind to let us use her rock n play before Davis was even born

Hanging out with the bride
Harrison this has been a month battling reflux and trying to get you more comfortable.  You continue to grow and are getting a chubby look. You are in size one diapers and are almost out of all your newborn clothes.  You have learned to take a bottle and your daddy gives you one each night so you can have some special time with him.   We love having you in our family!

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