Sunday, July 7, 2013

The First Month

This first month felt so long but also so fast! Does that even make sense? 

Sweet boy
A familiar sight. Daddy studying while holding a swaddled baby
First time to Target
James loves to "help"

First dinner out with just us 4- Chick fil a!
First day as Chief Resident! The end is in sight!!!

Wearing brother's baby clothes

Aunt Whitney came and she helped us soooooo much!

Decorating the yard for the 4th of July 

Anyone who knows me knows that James was a really difficult baby. Well, Harrison was better but he wasn't easy.  He definitely fell under the fussy baby who didn't nap description.  When Whitney came to help me I think she felt sorry for us and could see how badly we needed an extra pair of hands. She went out with me and bought me a Moby wrap so I could babywear easier. It was a lifesaver, especially in the evenings . 

Here we are testing out two different types

We made it through the first month!

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