Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tyler Zoo/Fun Family Weekend

We were looking at the calendar one day and realized that we were getting ready to head into a long working stretch where we were not going to have another free weekend (meaning Ryan off of work) in Shreveport for two months.  We decided we needed to plan a fun family weekend and make the most of it so it would last until we got to do it again. So....we decided to start the weekend off with a trip to the Tyler zoo! We had planned on stopping there on our way home from our Dallas trip but it didn't work out. The first thing I realized when I got there was I had my camera, all charged, with no memory card. Thank goodness for smart phones! I was pretty impressed with all this zoo had to offer, and we ended up having a great day together. 

We made it to the zoo!

James's attention span lasted all of 30 seconds at each exhibit, but he sure did  like them

Someone needs a hair cut!

My favorite part of the zoo- getting to eat lunch in front of the giraffes!

Right after this picture the elephant took a bathroom break. I don't think JT is ever going to forget that moment, lol. 

We have been having a hard time trying to get any decent pictures of the three of us

This sand pile may have been his favorite part

Yeah, we aren't normal 
Petting zoo area 

James and Momma taking a break 
In this bird area you could buy food on a stick for a dollar and feed the birds. I'll be honest. I'm really not an animal person and I'm definitely not a bird person. There was something really freaky about having those birds so close to me. I'm weird, I know...

It was a great way to spend a Saturday together! 
The next day was Sunday so we got up early and went to Krispy Kreme before church Yes, I know our excitement in life revolves around food. 

James insisted on everyone wearing hats 

Very thankful for a fun weekend spent together!

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  1. I think I recognize that striped shirt! Was it in the maternity stash that travels??