Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our valentine's day started off the Friday before when our church hosted a mystery date night for couples with young children.  They did a lot to try to make it special for us.  The church provided free childcare, dinner for the kids, a gift card to the restaurant to help pay for our dinner, and so much more.  

After we dropped James off we got a bag with a clue inside that led us to the restaurant. Ryan and I had never eaten there before, so we were excited to try somewhere new. 

My sweetie 

We had a great time at dinner and then after we all headed back to the church where they had dessert waiting for us, roses for the women, and chocolate for the men.  They even had taken our pictures at dinner, printed them, and had them ready for us when we got to dessert.  I'm so thankful for all the church did to give us a special night together! 

When we picked up James we noticed he was acting a little funny but we both thought that he was just really tired.  On our road, not 2 minutes from our house, he suddenly started throwing up.  Let me restate that- he started MASSIVELY throwing up. I didn't know a kid could get that sick.  If you are a parent you know that the absolute worst place for a kid to throw up is in their car seat.  That smell never leaves... anyway long story short he ended up being sick all night long and it ended our date night on a little of a sour note.  

After the crib got destroyed via throw up James ended up sleeping with me on the twin bed. Not exactly how I pictured his first night in a big boy bed! 
 Thankfully James woke up feeling much better and we got to celebrate Valentines the rest of the week as well. 

James' Nana sent us some fun cupcake supplies in a box 

They tasted REALLY yummy 
 On the actual Valentine's Day I got a text from Ryan in the afternoon saying it didn't look too good for him getting home at a decent hour because he was heading into a long surgery.  James and I decided to have a Valentine's date at Chick-fil-a which he was pretty thrilled about. 
My little valentine 

Finally (we like to stretch things out in this family, can you tell?) that Saturday my parents sent us a Valentine gift to go out to dinner so we got to celebrate with a special night together.  I don't know if I have ever seen a kid eat as much steak as James did that night.  The kid can eat!

Thanks Nene and Pappy for our Valentine dinner! 
I have to admit even though Valentine's is somewhat of a commercial holiday I do love getting to celebrate those I love the most.  Happy Valentine's Day! 

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