Friday, February 1, 2013

Dallas Part Two

Well after a not so restful night and an extremely early wake up call from the human alarm clock (James) we ate some breakfast and then headed over to the new Perot Museum.  It had only been opened for a few weeks and it was packed. 

Breakfast time

The Perot Museum 
They had a great little area for toddlers that James was able to enjoy.  He started off in the "produce" section. I was so proud of him for knowing how to classify and sort his items by type of food! (yes I am a dork of an ex-elementary school teacher, I can't turn off my teacher brain) 

He took a turn driving the truck. 

And we had a little camp out at the camp ground. 

We spent some time at the water table. They even had automatic dryers for the kids clothing! 

He was excited about the waterfall 

How cute is that little apron? I can't believe he kept it on.

Spent some time making patterns with least that was what was supposed to happen in that area. 

Played around the Dallas skyline 

And worked on building things 

Painted a little 

Taking a rest break 

And got to dig for fossils in the sand. James was so confused, he kept asking, "Where are all the sea shells?" I guess he thought we were at the beach. 

After the children's area we looked around some of the other parts of the museum, ate lunch, and tried out James' first IMAX experience. 

I have a husband has a thing for dinosaurs. I can honestly say they are some of the most boring to myself, lol.
 This was so gross to me. That is a paper-thin REAL person.  Nasty! I won't embarrass myself by revealing too much but I asked Ryan to give me a quiz on naming body parts and let's just say its a good thing I didn't go into medicine.

He lasted about ten minutes before my mom had to take him out. He really wasn't being bad but I can't stand when little kids misbehave in theaters! 

Helping a friend put the pieces of the dinosaur back together 
Oh we had a few of these moments for sure!
After the musesum we headed back for nap time which ended up with me having to hold James while he slept while my mom and Ryan went to the Galleria. Not exactly what I was planning! 

Crazy kid 
That night my mom babysat so we could have a date night at Al Biernet's.  Soooo yummy! They asked if we were celebrating anything and I said our anniversary because technically it was almost our 13 year dating anniversary. This meant we got a free dessert. :) 

James hung out with Nene at the mall 

Happy Meals two days in a row?!?! We were definitely on vacation! 

The next morning we were packing up to go, grabbed some breakfast, stopped at a few more stores, and then were on the way.

Mom took James to the pool so we could pack in peace 

So long Dallas! 

Final stop- a huge Toys R Us. Why am I not surprised this is where James ended up? 
Though it had its moments of stress and exhaustion I'm so glad that we were able to go to Dallas and have some family time. Not many more months before the family will be bigger and trips will be a lot harder!

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  1. I love your blog and the way you document your family's life together. The big moments and the small ones are so important , and this will be so important to your family as the years go by. Also, I think it is time to change the header photo.