Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Rest of the Trip

Warning: too many pictures on one blog post. It's just too hard to decide which ones to put and I still left out a couple hundred! We packed as many fun things into our trip to NC over the break as we could.  

We spent lots of fun time with our families. 

Getting ready to go walk the dog with Uncle Rod 

Frozen yogurt with Granny Baker and Nana 

Having a jam session with Nana. 
Playing a little Canasta.  I have yet to learn to play it because they take it pretty
seriously! :) 

Snuggling in Pappy's chair 

Hanging with Uncle David 

We got to see friends who we don't normally get to visit with. 

James was excited that Jane came over to play 

Hooray for being pregnant at the same time as a friend!
Tricia due in April, me in June, both with boys! 

We were honored to get to see sweet Collins get baptized 

And we got to have a lunch date! 

I don't know if she really needed any help but good practice for James for the future! 

I met my old bible study girls (minus Shannon- we missed you Shan!) in Wilson for dinner. I knew it would be a fun night but it turned out to be SUPER special.  

Ashley asked me to be in her wedding this summer

And Rebecca is pregnant!!!! We are only 2 months apart.
So excited!

It's going to be a great summer! 

Always good to see Eve and Amy. I need to glean as much knowledge
about raising boys from Amy as I can since she has 3!

Love the Cox family 

Of course what would a vacation be without a little eating? 

One down part of the trip was that I got massively sick from food poisoning. I requested that my parents please get James out of the house so they had a happy meal date at McDonalds and then a breakfast date the next morning at Krispy Kreme. James was a happy boy!

He had to try a bite of Pappy's.  The chocolate was pretty tasty! 

Oh Pappy! He is a good sport 
We spent a lot of time in the kitchen. This kid LOVES to help cook. 

Helping Nana make waffles 
Making pretzel cookies 

Always have to make some homemade bread 

I don't know how many 2 year olds know the entire bread making process by heart
 And of course we had to make Christmas cookies.  This is just how I remember making them with my mom: always homemade, rolling out the dough, etc. 

Um, normally we don't allow sitting on the table...

Helping with the dishes 
Final product - cookies! 

Final product- yummy bread! Don't eat his loaf- he is quite possessive! 
 Just all sorts of fun over the two weeks that we (James and I) were there! 

Pushing Daddy on the new car 
Even Mom got a turn! 

This was so funny to me. While I was in Wilson with the girls, James requested that he and my mom eat in candlelight so they had a special dinner just for the two of them. :) 

He loved this crazy dancing Christmas tree 

And the dancing dog. Will those songs ever leave my head? 

Sitting on Pappy's special step 

And the final picture of the trip which illustrates the extreme difference between raising your own children and having grandchildren.  James, eating a donut, INSIDE the car on the way to Raleigh.  My dad has definitely mellowed over the years! :) 

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