Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Misc

A few of our random memories throughout January!

 One afternoon while running errands I decided that I HAD to have some mozzarella cheese sticks. Don't judge me. :) I figured since it was happy hour I would splurge and let James have his first very own slushy.  I ordered him a small and they ended up bringing a large. He was ecstatic! And I was thrilled because it kept him quiet while I chowed down. 

We have a son that is a total flirt. He is all about the pretty ladies and loves to hold hands.  

We had a little incident when our car got tapped.  Nothing like keeping a 2 year old entertained at the car shop while dealing with repairs and insurance. 

Just another night at our house...

There were actually a few days where it was cold here. James was all about wearing his jacket, hat, AND sunglasses. 

One Friday we were supposed to meet a friend and it didn't work out. I just couldn't handle the thought of going home so I decided a mother-son lunch date to Counter Culture would be a nice outing. 

I don't really do a lot of belly pictures but I did take this one at 20 weeks to celebrate the half-way mark. I have seriously quadrupled in size in the 5 weeks since taking this! 

After all the cold weather it was beautiful so we spent some time at the park. 

James is still really into doing art so we decided to make this craft one morning. 

And last but not least: a very special snowman creation made by James! 

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