Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Elmo Live

When I heard that Elmo was coming to Shreveport I knew we had to attend. I figured that maybe at this point James would be able to handle a show.  It worked out that the week Elmo came was the week that Ryan had some time off and that my mom came to visit so we all headed over to the show.  Was it a fun experience? Yes. Was it worth the insane amount of money that they charged for the tickets, refreshments, etc.? Probably not, but I'm still so glad that we did it!  

Playing with his new light-up toy

Time for the show! 

An icee! Good thing Nene was here to get that for him.

Pretty memorized for that first half

Can you believe they charged $10 for these balloons?!?!?

Yes we definitely had a melt down afterward that ended  up with James lying on the floor
After Elmo was over we headed to the boardwalk for some pizza.  James was in a "special" mood so it wasn't the easiest of dinners/excursions. 

So glad Nene got to come to the show with us!

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