Thursday, December 6, 2012


This visit happened at just the right time for Ryan and I- we got to get spoiled by my parents and get their help with putting up our Christmas decorations! :) The first day that they came James was so excited that he literally was running through the house yelling.  The first thing James wanted to do was unpack Nene's suitcase and see if there was anything exciting in it. 

My mom bought James his first pair of rain boots. He
was pretty funny trying to walk in them.  
That night we went to eat at Texas Street steakhouse- yum yum yum.  We all enjoyed the food, especially James. 

The day after Thanksgiving my mom and I decided to go out and do a little shopping and get lunch.  Ryan, James, and Dad had some guy time which consisted of going to Krispy Kreme and Lowes and then working on some projects in the house. 

Pappy is a good sport 

Ever since my dad took James to get a donut in NC over 6 months ago, James is convinced that he and Pappy have to do it every time they are together. He talks about it ALL the time! 

Look who fell asleep on the way home and then didn't nap the rest of the day...

While Ryan was fixing something my dad was in charge of James. Apparently James decided to make a tent with all of their bedding. 

Later they had some more man time on the couch while watching the Pirates play
and eating some lunch. 
On the last day of their visit we had to fit in a little more eating so we went to Strawn's for breakfast. 

Mickey Mouse pancake 
And then to Target for more lights for the house. 

Ryan and I have a family rule that we only do decorate the house for one day so whatever doesn't get done that one day just doesn't get done. It is a good incentive to get it completed! 

We really need a new tree. This is the one that I have had since college and it is way too small for our house.  Every year Ryan gives his sells pitch to me about getting a new one.  But trees are expensive!  Also I am a big believer in having a real tree so I think we are just going to make do for a few more years.

Since it was their last night here I got a babysitter and we went to eat at Mabry House.  It was great to have one meal without worrying about a two-year-old! 

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming! Can't wait to see you again

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