Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a great and relaxing Thanksgiving this year and I can honestly say it has been a few years since "great" and "relaxing" were both used to describe a holiday. We often have great holidays but traveling, etc. often takes away the relaxing aspect! One of the best things about Ryan's schedule this year is that he doesn't take holiday call (of course payback will be painful next year!).  We really wanted to stay in Shreveport for Thanksgiving but we had a hard time convincing anyone to come see us (I can't imagine why, isn't Shreveport on everyone's top list to visit???).  Finally my parents decided to come and we were so thankful! James couldn't wait for "turkey time" as he kept saying. 

The week before Thanksgiving James got this shirt at school- he thought he was pretty cool in it and decided to wear it on Thanksgiving (and the day after...even though it had not been washed)  

James a.k.a "Running Bull" 

His sweet little classmates
The morning of Thanksgiving I started cooking pretty early and James decided to help so we let him crush the pecans for the sweet potato casserole. 

random side note- I made that hammer at VBS when I was probably 5.
It's one of my favorite kitchen items though! :) 
Then he decided to peel an egg for the stuffing. 

Serious concentration 
Finally he decided he would make my mom some coffee. This consisted of him stirring about 20 packets of Equal and pouring creamer in on top into a bowl. He was so intent on doing it and it kept him occupied so I sure didn't care! 

Almost time to eat 
James ended up eating almost 1/2 a loaf of my mom's bread before lunch so he ended up not eating too much of the real stuff. 

While I was putting the last minute touches on lunch Ryan and my parents took James outside. I know I complain about the weather here a lot but it was in the mid 70's and beautiful!!! November is actually one of the best weather months here in my opinion. 

Time for a race 

Ryan looks worn out 

Checking out the neighbor's turkey 

There is a story behind this turkey. I had planned on cooking the turkey when Ryan reminded me that ever since we moved here he had REALLY wanted to order a Cajun fried turkey.  Now, this turkey was about 5 times more expensive than if I had made it so I tried to convince him to pass. However then I decided that we won't live in Louisiana forever and where else do you get a Cajun fried turkey??? It actually ended up being really tasty! 

Always makes me nervous to see the surgeon's hands using
a knife...yikes! 

We kept it simple: turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole,
and of course mom's homemade bread. Yum! For dessert; pecan pie, chocolate chess pie, and
Mom even brought her caramel cake all the way from NC. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Everyone knows that after eating all that food all you want is a good nap. Of course James decided to sleep for about 40 minutes and that was enough rest for the day... That afternoon Ryan and I decided to go to a movie so my parents took James to the park and then home to bed. 

It was SO nice to get to celebrate Thanksgiving in our own home but also with some of our family.  When we all went around to say what we were thankful for James' response was "balls" and "Jesus".  Funny and precious at the same time.  We have so much to be thankful for! 

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