Monday, December 31, 2012

December Misc

Just a few of our random December memories that didn't make it into a real post. It was a great month!

I think James has a crush...

Cuddling on the couch while Mommy's sick! 

Sweet thing 

Frequent Flier 

Riding the "train" at the Atlanta airport 

Playing trains while waiting for our connection 

Oh Louisiana. No one does Christmas quite like you!

Santa Pic

Not sure why he stuck his tongue out! 

It's hard work having so much fun 

Sitting alone for a haircut. Will not be going back to this place anytime soon!
Not a fan. 

Yes, we had a tantrum in the middle of the store.
Life with a 2 year old... 

We seem to be having a issue with clothes...

Big boy haircut- not going to be doing it again anytime soon.
He needs his shaggy look! 

Making ice cream cone Christmas trees with Michael. Thank you Pinterest

One of my favorite pictures! James listening to Nene read a story 

I had to bribe him to wear these pjs. He hates the attached feet! 

Getting ready to go see Christmas lights outside with Daddy 

Ready for school

Special school snack 

Making reindeer food

Feel asleep with the Christmas Story book. Precious! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas with the Creech Family 2012

When we arrived on Christmas Eve I pretty much handed James over to the grandparents and said, "Here he is" and went to wrap presents, unpack, etc. James was so excited to get to check everything out. 

So happy to be back in NC for the holiday
Checking out the luminary 

James was very interested in Mary, Joesph, and baby Jesus 
Finally time for bed after a long day of travel 

I told my mom Santa couldn't bring presents but he could still bring stockings.
Now that the family keeps growing its a mismatched group of them! 

He was pretty disappointed that these were skittles and not m&ms.
"James no like skittles!!!" I guess we need to work on being grateful.

Trying out the new bubbles
And learning a new trick- catching them! 
After spending some time at the Hollands we came back over to my parents so James could take a nap before the next round of Christmas excitement
 Look who decided to come! James couldn't decide if he was thrilled or scared...

We realized later that day that David and Ryan are wearing the exact same outfits this year as last year

Whoops- somehow Ryan got the wrong person's gift!
 My dad loves the movie Christmas Vacation so when I saw this t-shirt I knew he had to get it 

For dinner that night we had our typical steak, chicken pastry, etc. but my mom had made her bread into Christmas tree rolls. Yum! 

Checking out the fire pit while the steaks cooked 
We had a small disaster when the birthday cake for Jesus collapsed. 

Thankfully it was still delicious! 
Yes, someone has these two wrapped around his finger

Family photo time!
 We are always extremely grateful to have time with our families but getting to be with everyone on Christmas this year was extra special. Merry Christmas!