Thursday, November 1, 2012


One event I look forward to each year here is the Red River Revel. We actually missed it last year so we were excited this year to get to get some  yummy food, and James was old enough to actually participate in the kids' activities. Best of all the Jarvis family met  us there for the fun!

Checking it all out 

Doing a little grocery shopping at Brookshires 

I think he got a few things that weren't on his list!


Attempting to make a puppet 

Checking out the final product 

First time getting face painted- a hilarious disaster 

James was MESMERIZED by Taylor's face paint. I could not get him to stop walking around  in circles looking at it. Too funny! Taylor doesn't look too thrilled.

Learning a little about nutrition 

Listening to Daddy's heartbeat 

I don't know if its being a girl or that she is almost a year older than James but boy is  there a big difference between what these two can do some times! :) 

 We had to get some various desserts: funnel cake, cinnamon pecans, and of course ice cream for you know who! 

It was a fun time for all of us! 

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