Wednesday, November 14, 2012

October Misc

Well, November is half way over and I'm finally caught up with my October blogging! Here is my monthly post of random things that didn't get their own post.

I just love this sweet face 

We get excited around here when a box comes 
For Ryan's birthday this year we celebrated over the whole week.  It was a busy week of work, etc. so there really wasn't just one day that we could do it all. It was fun to spread it out.

Happy Birthday Ryan! 

I let James pick out a card for Ryan. Not too surprised that this is what he chose!

Of course we added some decoration 

Ryan requested a chocolate chess pie. James insisted that daddy wanted a purple cake.
So.... we made both! Can't have too much cake. 

Final celebration at Sushi Gen 

Every year that I taught I always bought these little pumpkins for my students. I wanted to make sure they each got to have their own pumpkin and they LOVED getting to paint them. So I decided I would let James try it. He enjoyed it, but we definitely haven't mastered the concept of not mixing all the colors so the pumpkin ended up a nice shade of brown. But hey- it kept him happy for at least ten minutes!

Picture from Mother's Day Out 

I also had to include this on the blog so it would be in my blog book for the future.  Several (prob around 6 years ago) my parents hosted two kids for the Samaritans Purse Childrens' Heart Project.  The kids were around two and had life-saving heart surgery and stayed with my parents for around 2 months. Needless to say we fell in love with the two little girls.  Recently my mom received this email from the office in Honduras with sweet Darling's picture attached.  I wish a had a picture on my computer from when we knew her, and it's crazy to me that James is the same age that she was. I can't believe how grown up and healthy she now is!  Such a neat ministry and a wonderful experience for our whole family. 

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