Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012

Here are all of our random November memories! 

A new toy store opened so we went and Elmo was there!

James had his first experience voting. Thankfully the people passed out candy to keep everyone happy.
 The line was extremely long and after we got to our spot the first thing he did was press the
vote button before I had a chance to choose my person! 

After voting we had a fun time at the park and eating pizza afterwards 

After getting the mail I turned around and saw this: someone is
getting excited about Christmas! 

Story time! I have some interesting hair going on...

"Push me REAL high"

Fun time at church 

Helping Mama bake 

Chilling in Daddy's car.  

Dinner time with just the boys 

"My Daddy no work" and "No help sick people" - that is what I hear each morning when Ryan leaves

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