Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun with Friends & Go Pirates!

A lot of our friends have moved away since we left but we were so thankful to still get to spend time with a few special people while on our trip.  

I got to meet Rebecca for lunch and see her new office and hear about her new job.
So proud of her! 

We got to have a fun and yummy dinner with the Cox family. They were so sweet to get Hayden's old train set out so James was pretty content while we were there. 

Well it was a painful loss for the Pirates but we definitely still had fun! We always schedule our fall trip around a football game. James was hilarious dancing to the music, and he seemed to enjoy himself a lot this year.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't very pretty so we didn't get to tailgate but overall it was still a fun time.

Only an Louisiana boy can rock those purple and gold beads like that. :) 

It worked out great that Ryan's family had tickets near us this game 

Everyone needs a little mid-game snack

So happy to see Ashley!

And cousin Holly! 

Unfortunately the day after the game we had to load up and head to the airport. Such a fun and busy visit- can't wait till Christmas! 

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