Saturday, September 29, 2012


This month sure went by a lot faster than August (which Ryan and I have agreed is the most painfully slow month in Louisiana).  We are thankful that the fall has come to Shreveport. Of course when I say fall I mean temps in the 90's instead of the 100's. Definitely more bearable though! We have been trying to spend more time outside and it's been really nice.  I was too lazy to do many posts over the past month so here are all of our random photos and memories! 

Dressed up for church with his pirate squeakers on. He went CRAZY when I put these shoes on and now keeps wanting to wear them all the time 

Dining al fresco!

Our new favorite park 
He wants to swing high! (as he demands)

Another park we like, just not so close 

I think I'm getting too old for this. I could barely make it down the slide! 

It's no secret that we love to eat at Shogun.  Best vegetables ever (coming from someone who doesn't like veggies).  Now that they offer lunch we go SO much more.  It's much cheaper and we are always the first ones there for an early lunch so we get the place all to ourselves.

Watching the show.  The cook always makes JT some scrambled eggs as an appetizer.

Spent an afternoon strolling around the boardwalk

Lately whenever we hang out with families with babies James always wants to help hold the baby. He especially loves baby Reece! :) 

Helping Daddy put together the bookshelf 

Ryan has worked a lot this month so one day we killed a bunch of time by pushing the shopping cart around Petsmart.  The snakes and turtles were pretty exciting...

Cutie pie 
We finally got a car seat in Ryan's car so sometimes as a special treat he takes James home after we have met up. (a treat for James or a treat for myself??? Lol) Ryan turned around at a stoplight and James had gotten his stethoscope and put it on. Doctor in training? This mamma hopes not! (for the sake of whoever JT marries in the future, haha!)

James has loved to read books for quite some time now.  I have been really excited because he has a long enough attention span that I have been able to get out some of the books I used when teaching. I'm such a bookworm that I LOVE that he enjoys reading.  He likes to fill in the words while we are reading stories such as in this little video of us reading Good Night Moon.   Decided to post this for the grandparents' viewing pleasure. :)

And while I'm on a video kick I might as well include this one. Ryan will be embarrassed that I put this on the blog but I was SO proud that he was interviewed for the local news to give out information regarding prostate cancer.  Check him out- it's important info! 

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