Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beach Week Part 1

After all the traveling we had done the first half of the summer I promised myself that we were done for awhile.  Well- I caved! My parents offered to meet us in Wilmington for a week and it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.  This was also the last time that James got to fly free before he turned two and was also our first time flying since potty training. I had a couple of nightmares over possible scenarios with that but he did great.  Since we took over 700 pictures throughout the week I decided that I would have to break it up into a couple of posts. 

The first day after we landed we went straight to eat lunch.  James ate his first she-crab soup and popcorn shrimp! 

Then we hit the beach! 

And we made a stop by the pool. 

That night David and Greer came over for dinner while we waited for Ryan's flight to land.  Ryan came in around midnight Friday night and was on the 6 a.m. flight out Monday morning. He had to work Friday and went straight to work after he landed on Monday. He is such a trooper! We were so thankful he got to come for a little bit though.

Acting crazy with Uncle David 

My mom has her own train set for when we visit which James loved

The next day the weather was not so nice but that didn't stop us from having a little early birthday party for James since my dad and David couldn't come to LA for his party.  

What else would we eat for a birthday party besides Chick-fil-a nuggets???

Mom got him this crazy hat

He LOVED blowing out the candle. 

It was hard to get JT to stop eating long enough for a picture! 
 What would a party be without a few presents? 

The weather cleared up a little so we hit the pool and beach again. 

That night my parents graciously treated Ryan and I and David and Greer to a night out for a double date.  We went to a fabulous restaurant in downtown Wilmington.  It was so nice to have a meal in peace and quiet! 

One big pork chop! 
After dinner we walked to Kilwin's for ice cream.  They gave us an enormous scoop- I was about to bust! 

Afterwards we went and had a late night jam session.  Greer and I even took a turn but I don't have the documentation to show it.  I bet a lot of people don't know that I can rock a beat on the drums. :) 

Apparently this is what James did while we were gone
 The next morning we ate at one of our favorite breakfast places and then headed over to see my grandma. 
James and Great-Grandma

Then it was back to the condo. Anyone who has ever made homemade bread knows you have to stay on a schedule.  James had so much fun making it with my mom the last time that we were in NC that she brought ALL of the supplies to the beach so they could make some more.  My mom seriously is a saint and James had a blast.  

That night we all ate at an outdoor restaurant.  It's never easy for James to sit still very long and we are probably crazy for taking him to so many nice restaurants but as many people know, my family loves to eat! Luckily since there were six adults we just rotated taking turns with him.  The funniest thing about this night was that Ryan ordered lobster bisque as an appetizer. James took one taste and then devoured the whole bowl.  Poor Ryan didn't get any! And how crazy is it that a 2 year old wants to eat lobster bisque???

This little outfit was David's when he was young.  Ryan and I both think James favors Uncle David a lot! 

So thankful Ryan got to spend some time with the family
Ryan's trip was short but sweet. We were so thankful for a couple of days away to relax as a family! 

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