Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Speight!

The big day was finally here! We started off by all meeting to get our hair done and eat some Boulevard bagels- yum!  

Yikes, I look a little rough. Thank, goodness for makeup! 

A couple hours later it was time to get ready at the church, take some pictures, and hang out and chat while waiting for the wedding to start. 

We all had different but similar styles of dresses and necklaces. 

The wedding was an absolutely beautiful service celebrating the love Shannon and Andy have for each other and most importantly the love they have for God. Once the wedding was over I felt like could breath because thankfully I didn't faint like at the last one! Whew- I stressed about that for the whole week before.  One thing that was nice about Shannon and Andy's wedding was that all of the pictures were taken before the wedding so as soon as it was over we got to go to the reception for some food, dancing, and fun. 

Friends since college: my parents and Sara and Rebecca's parents. 
James stayed with Ryan's parents while we were at the wedding but then my parents picked him up so he could come celebrate and be in a big group picture that was taken. He was a mess!!!  He was wild- running around the place, begging for cupcakes, and dancing on the floor. Thank goodness I had Sara, Rebecca, and my parents to help me try to contain him and prevent any major damage, lol. 

Chasing after Becky

The butter-cream icing on these cupcakes was so tasty!
When the wedding party was announced JT wanted to run see me and be a part of all the action. Crazy kid!

He insisted on trying BOTH types of cupcakes and Shannon even let him have  some of her and Andy's first slice of cake.  Shan Shan scored some major points with JT that night. :) 

Dancing with Shan Shan

I thought this was so sweet. James was mesmerized while Shannon and her dad were dancing. 

I'm slightly obsessed with his cuteness. First child syndrome? Yes I have it! 

Once he left with my parents then I could really relax and have fun. 

I loved seeing Marianne break it down on the dance floor! 

Sorry Ash- I just had to include this. :)  We were all doing some wild dancing! 

Right before the bride made her departure

I spoke a little about this in my speech but it was extremely special for me to see Shannon and Andy get married.  Besides for the obvious reasons, Shannon is someone that I have prayed many prayers for in regards to her future spouse, not to mention countless hours of conversation about this area of life.  It has been amazing to see how God brought her and Andy together and how He has worked in both of their lives. It was a wonderful weekend, and I am honored to have been a part of it. Congratulations Shannon and Andy! 


  1. What a beautiful, special day! You are such a talented blogger.

  2. Your dress/necklace combo was so pretty.

    Nothing wrong with being obsessed with how cute your kid is! I have 2 and think they are the cutest things EVER!