Saturday, July 28, 2012

23 Months

Well yet again another late post.  And Ryan is on the way home with James so this is going to have to be a mostly pictures monthly update.  I keep saying it, but I can't believe this is our last monthly post until James is 2!!!  He is keeping us on our toes in terms of discipline- we have had to implement some time out over the past month but overall he continues to be a sweet boy. He is wearing some 2T and some 3T clothing and a size 8 shoe.  Potty training update:  he has pretty much got it down pat during the day.  It's been a couple of weeks since he has had any accidents so hopefully he will continue to do well with it.  He also had a two week camp at the church where he goes to Mother's Day Out this past month which I have to admit we both enjoyed. :) We are constantly laughing at the things he says and does and he continues to amaze us with his memory- it's better than mine or Ryan's!  It's been a fun summer so far. Here are a few memories from this past month: 

The day after potty training we decided to use our Groupon and go to the Jubilee Zoo. I have to admit I wasn't overly impressed but James LOVED it! (I love how kids are so easily pleased) He has asked about it many times since.  The weather was pretty nasty that day, but it worked to our advantage because we were some of the only people there.  

Feeding the animals 

Feeding the kangaroo 

Helping mom feed the camel 

The slide was a big hit 

We seriously need to start asking someone to take our picture instead of doing it ourselves! 

For the first time since we moved here it has actually RAINED some during the summer! We had one week where it rained almost every day. James was so excited to see the rain; we couldn't pull him away from the window. 

I realized that I had all sorts of pictures that I never posted from our last NC trip.  I decided to throw some in so that they will be in our blog book to remember. 

Fixing homemade bread 

He was so proud of his little loaf

We have suddenly entered into the world of train obsession.  James can recite all of his trains' names and the kid seriously spends hours with these things.  And how is it that those trains and accessories cost so much?!?! It's crazy! And us poor parents cave it and pay it! 

This was supposed to be his present from my parents for his birthday but Nene had to get it out early so they could play with it! 
James had a blast pretending that Pop was his "horse". 

Pop also had bought him a wagon! 

Of course they spent some time in the tent

We even got to go to the pool with Nana 
This month I have also seen James get more into art so we have been trying to do more projects while it's so hot outside.  This day I had the idea to make a tambourine...

First we decorated the paper plates with markers and stickers 

Then we poured in the beans and stapled it shut

Finally we added the streamers

Then he decided he wanted to pour the bean "dirt" in and out of the truck. Can I just say that we are STILL finding beans in the carpet!!! 

Another day we mixed colors in a Ziploc bag and then practiced our letters 

We have painted with brushes...

And with our hands!

James has also enjoyed the church playground on Sundays when we go to church and on Mondays when they have a  weekly summer devotional 

I have been trying to get this kid to drink out of a straw for months but he just refused to do it. I mean, I know kids that are over a year younger than him that would use a straw but he just was stubborn and wouldn't do it. Well one day I decided that I was determined to get him to use one.  Took less than 5 seconds and he got it. I seriously think he just didn't want to do it until then to drive me crazy. :) 

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