Monday, June 4, 2012

Congratulations Drs. Clement!

I'm not sure exactly how you write this but I was thrilled to get to be a part of Drs. Carter and Meredith Clement's wedding!  That is a mouthful!  Meredith is one of the few people that I can honestly say I have been friends with since I was born.  Our moms were pregnant together, we have pictures of our dad's holding us at just a few weeks old, I can see her family's house from my house, we have taken family trips together, etc. etc.  Our families are more "family" than just friends and I was so excited for this special weekend. 

We started the festivities off with a bridesmaids' luncheon full of yummy food.  It was also fun to get to meet the other ladies in the wedding. 

Some of the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. 

My sweet mom 

The beautiful bride 
That night after the rehearsal we had dinner and an after party. It was kind of funny for me because Carter is from New Orleans so I felt like there was a merging of both of my lives, especially when I walked into the rehearsal dinner and saw all the fleur de lis! 

High school friends- how has it been 10 years? 

All of my neighborhood moms: Brenda, Mom, Judy, and Jorja. 

The most talented wedding photographer ever!

The happy couple 
The next day was the big day and we started it off with a pre-wedding picnic.  

Little man decided to be a big mess! 

Playing with William 

We tried so hard to get a decent picture but the boys weren't really into it

Before I knew it it was time to be at the church.  

Okay, I might as well include it in the blog since I'm sure it will never be forgotten.  In the middle of the wedding in front of half of the town I almost passed out.  I have no idea why but it definitely rates as one of my most embarrassing but also hilarious moments in life. Praise the Lord Mr. Edwards caught me and I got to sit between him and Judy for the rest of the wedding, and then I jumped back into line for the end.  It actually was pretty funny and I can't wait to see if it made the video.  However I am praying that I don't have a repeat occurrence in a couple of weeks at Shannon's wedding. One fainting spell is enough! 

Greer did such a great job with my hair- so glad we they came from Wilmington. 

Hitting the dance floor with David 

Congrats Meredith and Carter!!!! 

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  1. Your hair is so look so pretty!!

    Does Meredith live in LA now? What a small world!