Saturday, June 30, 2012

22 Months

I can't believe in 2 months we will have a two year old. Yikes! I will confess that today at Target I saw a birthday candle in the shape of a number two and I actually teared up. I cannot believe how big our little guy is getting and how fast the time is slipping by.  This past month was a whirlwind with two big trips to NC for weddings.  We also are in the midst of the intense summer heat here in LA so we have been trying to get creative with indoor things to do.  Here are just a few memories from this past month! 

We have discovered a new love of painting, with brushes and with fingers

If anyone has a young toddler you need to try this: it kept him busy for 30 minutes- long enough for me to cook dinner! We started off by dying rice different colors with food coloring. Then I gave him a couple of measuring spoons, cups, and a funnel.  He had a blast pouring and scooping! (yes it was a mess but it was totally worth the 30 minutes of peace) 

On the first Tuesday of every month you can get admission to Sci-Port Discovery Center for only $3.  We met some friends and had a fun time, and we plan on doing it each month this summer.  

One afternoon while Ryan was in charge they worked on T-ball skills and then went to the splash park afterwards to cool off and swing. 

We had an end-of-the year pool party for the residents and staff in Texas.  JT got to feed a goat! 

Of course we spent a good amount of time this past month at the airport, on the airplane (8 flights) and at the grandparents' houses. 

Hanging out at the Holland's
 James is still obsessed with trucks, cars, trains, and planes. Pop got him this really big truck to play with. 

Crazy boy loves to be silly and keeps us entertained with his idea of "humor". 

Had to include this memory- skyping with Daddy! Poor Daddy has been left a lot this past month, but we sure are thankful for technology so we can keep up with him. 

It has been a great month but I have to admit I'm thankful not to be traveling for a few weeks and having a sense of normalcy again!  James you have been such a trooper this month with all of our traveling, time changes, schedule changes, and your mom being busy with different commitments.  Your dad and I are so proud of you for going with the flow! (at least for the most part).  

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