Saturday, June 2, 2012

21 Months and 28 Years

Stats: ~ 30 1/2 pounds and ~ 34 inches long (we haven't been to the doctor in forever so we attempted to do these on our own)

 It has been another fast month! Not much has changed in terms of James's likes and dislikes over the past month. One new big interest is Elmo (Does any other parent think that Mr. Noodle is a little weird? And if you don't have kids you probably have no idea what I'm talking about and that is a good thing).  He continues to love to be outside, play in water, read read and read, trucks, cars, trains, airplanes, Legos, and of course he loves to eat. He enjoys playing with his golf clubs and hitting his new t-ball toy and the kid is dying for a basketball goal. It about kills him when we walk around the neighborhood and see the other kids playing with them.  He doesn't love vegetables as much as I would like him to, we are still hit or miss with good naps and sleep, and he definitely can show his stubborn side but overall he is pretty much a big sweetie.  

James you are growing too fast for me!  Over this past month you have continued to learn new things and words as well as continued to keep us laughing at your funny personality.  Lately you love to yell "yay!" and clap your hands whenever we pull up to whatever destination we are going to. I guess you are thankful to get out of the car.  To your dad's delight you are taking a keen interest in golf and yell "hole hole" when you see the golfers on TV swing and putt the ball.  This past week you finished your Mothers' Day Out program.  It's crazy for me to see how much you have changed in the year that you were there. It's also funny that you ended up loving it because on the first day your teachers marked "sad and tired" as to how you felt, you didn't eat any of your lunch, and you didn't nap at all.  By the end of the year you ran into your classroom all by yourself, ate all of your lunch (and your friend's lunches as well), and always took a nap.  We love you sweet boy and are looking forward to a summer of special memories together.  

Here are a few of our fun memories from the past month:

Building a tower 

Having a heart to heart with mom 

Early morning at the airport 

Chilling with a book- can you believe that book is over 30 years old? 

Helping daddy mow the lawn 
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  The kid ate about 5 servings of rice and beans! 

Shake those maracas! 

We also celebrated my 28th birthday this past weekend.  Ryan and James made me some birthday cupcakes.  I'm trying to give James more opportunities to help so he got to help pour the water, oil, and eggs into the bowl, help stir, and put the cupcake liners in the pan. Then he decorated his own cupcake.  He thought he was a pretty cool chef.  

Putting on some sprinkles 

Took about 2 bites and that was it. Not really a sweets fan. 
 In the afternoon Ryan took James out to play so I could get some things done.  They had fun in the new sprinkler that Nana gave us.

Then we went to Shogun for dinner. It feels like we always go here for special occasions but it's one of the only places James will sit still for such a long time.  He loves the soup and rice!  

Love his big mouth full of rice! 

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