Thursday, March 29, 2012

19 Months

Well I am a little behind on the blog! James this past month has been somewhat of a challenge.  Your broken leg definitely put a damper on some things but thankfully it's finally on the mend. I have allowed you to watch way too much television and eat too many ice cream cones since I felt sorry for you.  We are going to have to get you back on track ASAP! Your dad and I have loved this phase of life for many reasons.  We love seeing your personality start to really show itself.  You are such a sweet boy and everyone loves you.  Your teachers say you are one of the best behaved which is pretty funny since you were also the most difficult little baby for so long whenever we would go somewhere.  I'm just praying that you keep on behaving!  You are getting your final set of molars and then we are done with teething!!!! You also have started to get a sense of humor and like to try to be funny.  Of course your "jokes" are a little different sometimes. For instances the other day you thought it was hilarious to call your dad a potato! We can't believe how your language has continued to grow.  Every day you say more words.  We can't keep up with all the new things that you are doing and learning.  Your dad and I love you so much and are so thankful for the way you challenge us as well as the joy you bring to our house each day.  

Stats: about the same weight and height, however you feel REALLY heavy since your mama has had to carry you everywhere every day!!!  You have moved up to a size 7 shoe and still wear 24 months to 2T clothing.  

Likes: airplanes, trucks, cars, trash cans, playing with Legos, pretending to play hide-and-seek, stroller rides (only since you couldn't walk, you always hated the stroller before), play dates with friends and all animals, especially dogs and turtles. 

Dislikes: brushing your teeth, putting your clothes on, being away from your mom for any reason

A few memories over the past month: 

You got several get well packages.  Granny even sent you a sweet potato which you loved Haha! 

This guy came in a REALLY big box! 
This rocking chair came all the way from Nicaragua via NC.  I asked Granny Deb to get it for you  on her last mission trip. 

I wanted our kids to have something from Nicaragua since it is such a special place to our family.

We had a fun time celebrating St. Patrick's Day as a family. 

We all wore green and went to McAlisters for free cookies!
You LOVE to read.  Some days we read at least 30 books...or more. 

Playing with your trucks...and your leg is starting to heal! :)