Monday, January 30, 2012

Week of Fun

Ryan's vacation is always taken in weekly increments so we were thrilled to have him home for the week. It was awesome getting to spend lots of quality time together, have spontaneous lunch dates, and do all sorts of fun activities.  I have to admit it was hard on all three of us when it was back to reality today.

Ryan was so sweet to play outside with JT lots so I could have a break...and I enjoyed every minute! :)

Bedtime stories

James has an obsession with trash cans right now.  Random.

Pretty rainbow

Ryan finally got to drop James off at "school" and meet his teachers

A little grocery shopping

Outing with daddy to Barnes and Noble

Frozen Frog! Twice in one week!!! For 60 cents he can get his own cone with a tiny bit of ice cream and will be content for at least 10 minutes...priceless!

Park adventure

Playing some tunes

I laugh every time I pick him up from church and he is in this little chair. He threw a HUGE fit because he missed the rest of his snack time. Such a little porker!
Love you dada! So glad to have you home for a whole week to play!


  1. So glad you had the week together! Three things...

    1) I love the pictures above your bed!
    2) Mason loves taking out the trash cans too. Must be a boy thing! :)
    3) How are y'all like the stroller?

  2. I meant how are you "liking" the stroller!

    1. We LOVE the stroller! I have a thank you card I have been meaning to mail. I may just bring it to MOPS. :) Thank you again for it!!! Hope you are doing well!