Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Louisiana Christmas

Despite my last post we did get to have a little fun on Christmas here in Louisiana. :)  

On Christmas Eve we let James open one present.  He loved his new toy!

I made Ryan sing some Christmas carols- I know, a little corny but he was a good sport. :) 

In the middle of the night Santa came!  Growing up Santa always brought the kids in my family 3 gifts so we decided to continue that  tradition.  We also decided that Santa would bring something James wants, something he needs, and a surprise.  So this year he got a tunnel (wants), a cup holder for his car seat (needs) and a climbing toy (surprise).

JT's favorite stocking stuffer

After we looked at Santa's gifts and our stockings I made breakfast. 
Rudolph joined us

Then we opened our presents 

James only had one gift to open- lol.

James drew this for his daddy

Ryan and I were supposed to stick to a $20 budget for each other. Needless to say he broke the rules.

 We had a great time at the Love Feast for the community at our church. 

Even Santa came! 

That night we were fortunate to be invited to dinner  at one of the other resident's house. 

James did not like John sitting in my lap

What better way to end Christmas than by reading a few bedtime stories? 

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  1. How sweet! So glad you had a great Christmas!

    I'm glad that Ryan went over budget for you. You deserve it!

    And...Love James' bedhead!